1996. Kim on stage as #1 customer queen and top recruiter...
"Recruit-by-Phone Clinic" 
with Kim Klaver...
Want my personal recruiting interview questions that I used to get to the top 
of FIVE companies over 20 years?
Used on phone, Facebook and email campaigns...
Kim on stage with founder in 2013 as #4 earner after 4 months...
I built my first two businesses - years ago- to the top through cold calling/cold marketing. 

I developed special "Interview Questions" to draw out the winners in 17 seconds.

I built two more companies to the top - recently -
on Facebook(!) and via email. 

PS You'll hear ONE thing all NM companies tell you do to, that 
you should NOT do...Not if you want to succeed FAST.

"I used to tell people...
'Well, online is the future so you must gravitate towards there.'
Not anymore by the GOLD that you shared with us  in this 
Recruit-by-Phone Clinic!" - Daniel Ford

"Tonight's recruiting class truly blew me away...Without the skills I 
have learned from Kim Klaver, I would not have the confidence in 
what I am doing and how I have gone about doing it. 
But now, I do." - Amanda Earnest

"For $97 for Recruit-by-Phone tonight, I feel as if I have 
stolen something from Kim in all that she has given to all of us, 
that was a part of tonight." - Dylan LaMont
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